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It does not matter whether you are a businessman, a seasoned web developer, or planning to own your own eCommerce website, having a reliable web host service is a must. Without web hosting, your website could not exist. Exploring the different options of web hosting available today can take a lot of time and effort, as there are so many options to choose from. So how would you choose the right hosting solution for your web development needs?
There are many factors to consider when choosing the right web hosting solution. The most important factors are speed, uptime, and performance. Apart from these factors, you should also look for customer support, domain name registration, assisted website migrations, bandwidth, and, of course, affordable price.
Below is a list of some of the best web hosting solutions for web developers and web designers that are affordable in price, have reliable uptime, and feature good customer support (according to customer reviews and testimonials).
Note that the below list is best suited for small and medium-size websites and for new website owners. If you are looking for an enterprise hosting solution, then you may want to consider VPS hosting services instead.
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Bluehost is a popular web hosting company and is a preferred choice for anyone seeking a reputable web hosting platform. Bluehost has been around since 2003 and is officially recommended by WordPress. With this in mind, it is not surprising that it serves as a low-cost and beginner-friendly host, as the WordPress content management system (CMS) caters to this same crowd to a large degree (though high-level and enterprise businesses also use WordPress). Its interface is also so simple and user-friendly that even beginners should have no problems using it.
Bluehost Web Hosting Bluehost Web Hosting
Bluehost is one of the top choices of software developers and webmasters when it comes to choosing a low-cost hosting and beginner-friendly option for their new websites.
Key Features of Bluehost include:
Bluehost pricing tiers include:
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DreamHost serves millions of websites, blogs, and web applications worldwide. Like Bluehost, WordPress officially recommends DreamHost for web hosting services. The company offers strong security features and lots of domain management tools. DreamHost does not use cPanel, which is a well-known admin tool in the web development industry, but, instead, it uses its own admin panel which is just as good as cPanel.
DreamHost web hosting DreamHost web hosting
DreamHost provides its website builder, which is suitable for both novices as well as experienced users that want a simple way to build a website that does not require a ton of complex features or functionality.
One feature that makes DreamHost a preferred choice for webmasters is that it provides an option to pay on a monthly basis instead of yearly.
Key features of DreamHost include:
DreamHost pricing tiers include:
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SiteGround is one of the greatest options if you are looking for exceptional uptime. SiteGround is among the three hosting services officially recommended by WordPress.
SiteGround Web Hosting SiteGround Web Hosting
Moreover, if you sign-up for SiteGround, you will get top-notch customer service which is available 24×7. SiteGround has also gained a great reputation in the software industry due to its enhanced security measures and friendly customer service.
Key features of SiteGround:
Pricing tiers for SiteGround:
Not all hosting solutions provide a website builder option. HostGator, however, allows webmasters to build websites using the website builder option. For slightly more than a three-dollar plan, you can make use of drag-and-drop features to design your website according to your needs without learning a single line of code. Apart from the website builder option, you can do shared hosting, as well as WordPress hosting.
HostGator Web Hosting HostGator Web Hosting
Key features of HostGator:
Pricing tiers for HostGator:
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If you are looking for a cheap hosting solution for your website, Hostinger might be your best choice. The plans start at slightly more than a dollar. Not only do web developers get service at an affordable price, but you can also expect to load the site faster because of Hostinger’s cache management feature.
Hostinger Web Hosting Hostinger Web Hosting
With Hostinger, you can also install additional features with just one click. Other features include WordPress optimization, PHP support, and great customer support.
Key features of Hostinger include:
Pricing tiers for Hostinger:
GreenGeeks is one of the web hosting services that are eco-friendly. They plant a tree for every account that is provisioned on the GreenGeek platform. So, if you opt for GreenGeeks, not only do you get a hosting solution, but you are also helping the environment in the process.
GreenGeeks Web Hosting GreenGeeks Web Hosting
But what about its services? For starter plans, GreekGeeks uses SSD storage so that websites load faster. GreenGeeks also offers a CDN feature to decrease site loading time by saving a copy of the page on the server that is closest to your customer.
Key features of GreenGeeks:
Pricing tiers for GreenGeeks:
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GoDaddy is an excellent and leading web hosting provider powering over 44 million websites. It comes with a simple and beginner-friendly drag-and-drop website builder tool. It comprises several developer-friendly tools such as cPanel, MySQL, Python, PHP, and so forth.
GoDaddy Web Hosting GoDaddy Web Hosting
GoDaddy has all the resources that webmasters require to build and host an e-commerce website. The cheapest plan of GoDaddy includes a free domain and unmetered bandwidth. However, services like email accounts, SSL certificates, and website backup are not included in the cheapest plan and you have to pay a bit more for those web hosting options.
Key features of GoDaddy include:
Pricing tiers for GoDaddy include:
Next, we have Heroku, which is an awesome web service that allows programmers and computer science students to host their non-commercial apps for free. Along with the Production, Enterprise, and Advanced tier, they have a free tier for students and professionals where they can host their proof of concepts, personal projects, and MVPs.
Heroku Web Hosting Heroku Web Hosting
Key features of Heroku include:
Pricing tiers for Heroku:
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