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There is a complaint in the Local Search Forums from a local SEO saying that Google has emailed businesses of the local SEO with a message that they automatically turned on messaging on their business profile in Google Maps and Google Search.
The email says “easily reply to customer messages.” It goes on to read “congrats – a message button has been added to your Business Profile on Google.” It then has a call to action button to “Check your messages.”
Here is a screenshot as posted in the forums:

Now, sure, it is great Google Business Profiles has messaging, it had this feature for years and years. But to automatically turn it on for businesses and email them asking them to check their messages? That seems like a bad idea. I mean, what if that business is too busy to respond to customers quickly enough? What if they don’t want customers messaging. Sure they can turn it off, but to opt businesses in automatically?
I wonder if there is some sort of bug. Also notice the logo is Google My Business in the email, not the new Google Business Profiles.
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